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Virgin Voyages Casino Program Questions and Answers

The brand new, adults-only cruise line, Virgin Voyages, has so much to offer. Incredible entertainment, exciting ports, and 20+ restaurants are only the beginning. But we know what you're here for... The casino baby! Being that this is a new cruise line, there are lots of questions that need answers. URComped CEO, Craig Shacklett, interviews Virgin Voyages' Casino Player Program Manager, Jennifer Wengert, to get the inside scoop!

Learn how Virgin is implementing new safety measures due to the pandemic.

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Virgin Voyages Casino Questions

How many Slot Machines are on The Scarlet Lady?

115 slot machines are on The Scarlet Lady and they're all new games, very recognizable, bonus games, as well as video poker.

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What table games are on The Scarlet Lady?

The Scarlet Lady features 10 table games. That includes roulette, craps, blackjack, three-card, and Baccarat. All of their tables can be flipped between the blackjack and the Baccarat. So if they need to make arrangements because they have more Baccarat players onboard, they can take care of that immediately.

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How do players get cash out on Virgin Voyages?

Virgin Voyages is all about technology. And they've created "wearables" which are similar an apple watch or a high-tech bracelet that you would wear on your wrist. Players can tap the machine with their wearable and download cash into the machine. There will be tablets at the table games players can tap and will be able to access cash as well. Right now, that goes straight to the player's folio and the limit is $1500 dollars a day currently. That's a no-fee on the folio. Virgin Voyages also provides kiosks, that are similar to ATM machines, throughout the casino for players to draw cash. They will have a cash desk and cash advance option as well.

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Will Virgin Voyages have a casino loyalty program?

Absolutely! Virgin Voyages is currently working on building its loyalty program to provide benefits that make sense to you! It'll be innovative and different from any other program out there on the seas as well as land. 

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Are drinks in The Scarlet Lady's casino comped?

As long as you are a pre-booked comp customer in a balcony cabin or above, Virgin Voyages provide free drinks within the casino.

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What is smoking/ non-smoking section like in the casino on The Scarlet Lady?

The Scarlet Lady has a smoking lounge that is connected to the casino. There are slot machines in the smoking lounge. If you do need to take a quick smoke break, your spot will be held at the table. 

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How are casino points tracked on Virgin Voyages?

Virgin Voyages will not have Sea Pass Cards, but instead, passengers will use their wearable (which they'll receive no later than 2 weeks prior to sailing). Within the casino, Virgin provides tablets on the tables for you that you scan your wearable to tap in and tap out if you want to get rated. The same process is done with the slot machines with a tap in/tap out process. The wearables also escalate the check-in process, the same application applies. They have tablets where you just scan your wearable and present your passport in hand. And then you're on board with no check-in lines.

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How do you book your next comped cruise on Virgin Voyages?

Virgin Voyages recommends utilizing the same outlet you booked your first comped cruise to begin. So if you booked your first Virgin Voyages comped cruise, through URComped, give us a call and let us know you'd like to sail again. If you are not a URComped member and are interested in getting comped on Virgin Voyages, sign up for URComped (ITS FREE) and upload images of the previous casino offers you've received from cruise lines or casinos to see what you qualify for.

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The Difference with Virgin Voyages

Are there packages, Wi-Fi, or premium dinners on Virgin Voyages?

Virgin is unique in the fact that they don't charge for Wi-Fi, gratuities, soda, water, expressos, coffee, and onboard restaurants. The reason being that's all they provide onboard. They will have 20+ restaurants for you to dine in. So there won't be dining halls or buffets. They do have a 24-hour diner in case customers get hungry late at night. They provide Michelin star-rated chefs as part of the Virgin experience. 

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What is the "Suite Minibar Stocking Option"?

If you are booked in a suite, Virgin Voyages will stock the minibar for you with a complimentary round of bottles of alcohol provided.

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What is the Virgin Voyages Ap like?

The app is actually utilized to make all of your bookings for the restaurants onboard as well as room service. If you shake your phone, while the app is opened, champagne magically shows up where you're at. There are going to be even more fun innovations like that on there as well. You'll get alerted of fun events happening and it allows more interactions with the sailer onboard. There are no phones in the cabin. Anything that can be done onboard is used through the app.

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What is the dress code on Virgin Voyages?

Virgin Voyages does not have a dress code. "Come as you are," but if you are wanting to wear something different, they will have plenty of retail outlets for you to browse through. There is also a tattoo parlor on board!

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What are The Scarlet Lady Itinerary options?

The Scarlet Lady has 4-5 night itineraries currently leaving from Miami, FL. They either stop in Puerto Plata, Costa Maya, Key West, Playa Del Carmen and every single one of their sailings stop in Bimini. They have the exclusivity in Bimini, meaning no other cruise line will be there. Virgin owns a beach club that they built that has full-service bars, restaurants, pool, lounge chairs, and cabanas. 

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Does Virgin Voyages offer shore excursions?

Yes, and Virgin Voyages calls their excursion options "shore things" and they're offered to book through the App or by calling direct.

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Can you book a back-to-back on Virgin?

Yes, and it is recommended because the itineraries vary back to back, so you can really explore and experience more with Virgin. They are coming out with a  seven-night Mediterranean sailing onboard The Valiant Lady next year in April 2021. 

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Oasis of the Seas

Oasis of the Sea
Beautiful ship. The ship is huge but it never felt crowded. Embarking process out of Miami- amazing!. The one gripe I had- drinks on us in the Casino- Waiters were nowhere to be found. Shows were great- food and dining room service excellent.
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URComped’s Top 5 Slot Video Jackpots Of This Week - May 05, 2019

Hello & thank you for coming back to this very exciting edition of URComped’s Top 5 Slot Videos Of The Week... If you have not already signed up, please go to URComped.Com and sign up for a free account to unlock all your offers... Let’s get started with our #5 pick of the week...


You Tube Creator = SDGuy1234

Game = Wild Furry

Denomination = .01c Machine, $6.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $1,785.50

This game has a real bonus if you can get into it. When you do, you have a chance to land 10, 15, or 20 spins. SDGuy landed the elusive 20 spins this time on Max Bet which netted him with this generous hand-pay of $1,785.50. Good Job SDGuy1234 for making our top 5 again. 


You Tube Creator = NewEnglander SLOTVIDEOS

Game = Lock It Link Piggy Bankin

Denomination = .10c Machine, $25.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $2,150.00

This game is part of the Lock It Link series that is so popular amongst the slot community these days. When you land six pigs it starts the Lock It Link pig feature where the more pigs you land the higher the credit amount will be. When playing the dime denomination at $25 a spin, the credits can really add up. 


You Tube Creator = Lady Luck HQ

Game = Video Poker

Denomination = $5.00 Machine, $25.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $4,000.00

Congratulations Lady Luck HQ for scoring an Nice hand-pay on the cruise. 

You really know your cards, don’t you? Have you ever signed up for a URComped account? We’d be more then happy to set up your next cruise for you. Give us a try, you may be pleasantly surprised at what we can offer and do for you. So happy to have you back In this weeks Top 5. -:)


You Tube Creator = Dejavu Slot’s

Game = China Shores High Limit

Denomination = $1.00 Machine, $20.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $5,616.00

Welcome back to our top 5 again Dejavu Slot’s. Always enjoyable to watch your High Limit Videos. China Shores packs a punch once again for you. It’s like this game is your virtual ATM. That last spin really boosted up your final total to land you that massive hand-pay. Congratulations!

And finally, our #1 pick of this week is...


You Tube Creator = TheBostonGambler

Game = Double Top Dollar

Denomination = $100.00 Machine, $200.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $64,000.00

This game is very popular in all the High Limit rooms that I’ve ever been into. Never have I seen a jackpot this large though. Good job capturing this hand-pay live in action. I wonder how often this game in this denomination lets go of $64,000.00 plus? That box top bonus is so hard to get on the low denominations let alone the $100 denominations. WoW!

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