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Veendam Caribbean Cruise
We had a wonderful experience on the Veendam. We sailed out of Port Everglades. I recommend using Park by the Ports transportation service. Very easy embarkation process. Veendam is one of Hollands smallest ships but it still holds 1500 passengers. It was probably a little more than half full so it wasnt hard to get reservations or seating. The food was the best out of any ship i have been on as far as quality, presentation, and variety. Holland is known for this and did not disappoint. They nailed it. The casino had about 30 slot machines. 3 Wonder Four B Gold machines, which is all I played. To my dismay, There was no craps table. only roulette, BJ, poker and another card table or two. Not having craps was a big disappointment for me but it was a small casino staff so understandable why they would not offer it. The casino staff was very nice and easy to talk to and it was easy to get drinks or if you had any questions there was someone to help you. The ship seemed to not handle small waves very well so it was a little unsteady at times and made my wife queezy in very moderate wind conditions. I would not like to be on it in rough weather but the carribean in Feb is fine. Overall a great experience and I recommend the Veendam.
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