Stay @ Bally's Las Vegas

SUPER discounted room - Play to Qualify

  • HEAVILY discounted room rate
  • TotalRewards account created before you arrive
  • Taxes and resort fees not included

Offer Details

Qualify your play with URComped. We will book you at a HEAVILY discounted rate (cheaper than Expedia) for up to 3 nights. We'll also give you a play target to be able to get the room and tickets comped. If you don't meet or exceed the play requirements you'll be charged the discounted rate of the room. But if you play to the expectations provided by the casino, you get the room COMPED. Any other food and amenities charged to the room can be comped at the end of the trip if you exceed the play requirements we’ve provided. All comps are at the discretion of the casino and are based on trip play.


Ready to get started? We will show you nightly rates on the next page and what type of play is required to get COMPED!

Play Expectations

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How to Get Comped

  • Since room rates change daily once you pick your dates we will show you an estimated play level (average bet + hours per day) so you have an idea of what level of play you should hit to get your trip COMPED.
  • At check-out ask if your play level qualifies you to get comped. 
Fine Print

  • We CANNOT guarantee a comp at check-out. All comps are given solely at the discretion of the casino. We CAN however provide you the guidelines for what level of play the casino expects for the offers we provide.  
  • Once you have booked through URComped we can customize upfront comp offers based on your individual gaming history.