Free Flights and Room Comp at Harrah's or Harvey's Tahoe!

Enjoy Comp or BOGO Flights from Selected Cities to Reno/Tahoe!

For a limited time, qualified URComped members may enjoy a complimentary stay at Harrah’s or Harvey's Lake Tahoe!

What’s Included

  • FREE or BOGO Airfare, Up to 4-nights comped
    • Choose your trip date and flight below
    • Full list of chartered flights
Trip Date Departure City
Arrival Departure
1/17/2021 1/21/2021 Mesa
1/21/2021 1/25/2021 Los Angeles
1/30/2021 2/3/2021 Santa Maria
2/7/2021 2/11/2021 Spokane / Pasco
2/8/2021 2/12/2021 Dallas / Fort Worth
2/11/2021 2/15/2021 Seattle
2/12/2021 2/16/2021 Nashville
2/15/2021 2/19/2021 Charlotte
2/17/2021 2/21/2021 Midland / Lubbock
2/18/2021 2/22/2021 Toledo / South Bend
2/20/2021 2/24/2021 Houston
2/21/2021 2/25/2021 Amarillo
3/1/2021 3/5/2021 Minneapolis
3/1/2021 3/5/2021 El Paso
3/4/2021 3/8/2021 San Antonio
3/8/2021 3/12/2021 Chicago
3/8/2021 3/12/2021 Dallas / Fort Worth
3/9/2021 3/13/2021 San Diego
3/11/2021 3/15/2021 Hunstville / Longview
3/14/2021 3/18/2021 Oklahoma / Wichita
3/16/2021 3/20/2021 Shreveport / Waco
3/17/2021 3/21/2021 Louisville
3/19/2021 3/23/2021 Edmonton

Enjoy a fun and friendly casino atmosphere at Harrah’s and Harvey's Lake Tahoe that surpasses the run-of the-mill casino experience, with helpful dealers and attentive servers who ensure your total comfort. 

Play and stay at Harrah's Lake Tahoe, the hotel and casino with all the action, adventure, relaxation, and entertainment you need for the perfect Tahoe escape.

Come out and play at Harrah's Lake Tahoe, an 18-story, 512-room hotel with two full floors of luxury suites.


This offer is only available for URComped members that have not played at Harrah’s or Harvey's Lake Tahoe before or within the last 12-months and do not have a future reservation booked. 

Once on the ground, round trip transportation from the Reno-Tahoe International Airport to Lake Tahoe will be provided.

Claim this offer today to lock in your next unforgettable casino trip at Harrah’s and Or Harvey's Lake Tahoe

How to Get Comped

To request a URComped offer, follow the steps below:

  • Click 'Claim Offer'
  • Login or Create free URComped account to complete trip request*
  • We may ask for additional information, if needed, to pre-qualify you against the requirements set by the casino for this offer.
  • Trip request is then submitted to casino for final approval.
*Players requesting their first URComped trip will be required to upload images of valid casino offers to pre - qualify. The URComped team is excited to work with you!

Fine Print

Rated play from previous trips with this casino, any of the casino’s affiliated brands, or from previous URComped trip(s) will initially be used to determine if a player qualifies for this offer.

If there is no tracked play history with the casino or URComped to consider, qualification for this offer will be evaluated based on one or more of the following:

  • Images of complimentary cruise offers directly from the cruise line’s casino department.
  • Comp cruise certificates offered from land-based casinos. *An invitation to a certificate event at a casino can be accepted in lieu of the actual certificate.
  • Images of complimentary room + free play offers from land-based casinos.
  • Play history provided by Player’s casino host
  • Unless specified cannot be combined with other offers

URComped can generally pre-qualify players based on offer images within 2 business days (and often within a couple of hours).

Not everyone that requests an offer will qualify. The qualification criteria for this offer is set by the casino, not URComped. All requests are subject to final approval by the casino.

All offers are based on availability and subject to change without notice.

Frequently asked questions about Harrah's Lake Tahoe Hotel and Casino

Access to Diamond Lounge
Diamond Lounge
Do we have to check-in and pay to get into the Diamond Lounge?

From 4 to 6 p.m., when food is served, you now have to check in at the entrance of the Diamond Lounge. Seven Stars and Diamonds with more than 25,000 tier credits are still free, but Diamonds with less than 25,000 tier credits have to pay. Seven Stars are allowed three guests each; Diamonds, one each. Another thing to mention regarding access is that they're installing parking gates. You may have to pay for parking based on your card status; We are unsure what the cutoff will be, but in Vegas, parking at Caesars properties is free for Platinum and above.


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