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It was our first time using URCOMPED and let’s me say this you guys didn’t disappoint. Now as far as Royal Carribbean I wasn’t that impressed. On a comp level I feel like they are horrible, I did get a bottle of wine and free inside cabin on their list of up coming cruises which can be traded in for $500 if I want to choose my own cruise 🤣😂. I would love to see how I was graded and how they figure there comps. While on the ship I played a min of 5 hrs a days table games. While shooting craps my minimum bet was $74 on first roll and with pressing and then day 3,4, and 5 using the table max of $300 for the 6 and 8. Then one the first day I talked to the host and asked her about possibly of getting table limits raised if I was down and I was told shouldn’t be a issue just to ask and they would see what they could do. The last day I went down early in the AM requested it with person on duty and they said would request it to manager and let me know. Then after couple hrs of playing BJ at $50-$100 a hand didn’t hear anything and asked the next person that was now watching over the table. Was gave the same answer. Came back down after a show and seen host that told me that on first day and explained how I asked two others already today and was told would have an answer next couple hrs and definitely before craps table opened. Show up after dinner with no answer and had the gentleman walk over to tell me he hasn’t hear anything back from them yet but he doubted he was gonna do it. The other great comp I got the free wine, I explained my wife or myself didn’t drink that type and was it possible to switch for Moscato, Pinot Grigio, or Riesling and again two different people and no answer but will call your room and let you know. Never heard anything, I asked the bar myself and was told depending on name brand they sent they might be able to switch it just go to room and get it and bring down and if they could they will and if not I could just give it back to them. Which I just laughed as I said I would just buy one at dinner myself wasn’t worth me walking around and looking like I was begging for anything. So my overall experience I would have to say is not that great. I would love to see how I was rated and what there reasoning was for what I was comped. Maybe the people they have working there just don’t know how to track your play, maybe they track completely different, or maybe they don’t care about table players. But like I stated durning craps I played a min of $72 and up to $1450 on board every roll. Then on BJ was playing min $25 up to $500, then with splitting and double downs max had out was $600 on a couple hands (was with $200 hands split and double downs one spots).