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Mar 2 '16 at 0:58

we was there at the Casino a few weeks ago, my husband and son went into the casino the old man that was a guard said our grandaughter which is 20 cant go in there which we said we knew that. He said she can go upstairs there are gift shops. So me my grandaughter her man and daugher in law went to the gift shops. Wow was we disappointed they only had 2. The stuff in both of them was sky high. So later our grandaughter and her man went to stand at the front doors cause we was all meeting there to go in a few minutes. She said the old man let her and her boyfriend stand there no where close to the casino. then shift change. a young women took over and went and check IDs on our grandaughter and her man. she said they cant stand there and she said she was waiting on all of us cause we was leaving. the women told her she cant go out that door and told her to go up some stairs where she had to walk a long time then she found a door and got out. she seen our car and her and her man sat in it. then the guards open the car doors and told them to get out it wasnt there car and she told them it was her grandpas they said we dont know that get out so they did. we can understand about them making them get out of the car but to leave inside where she was waiting on us and the women guard had her go upstairs and walk a long walk to get out other doors. im mean hubby and son one not even a penny and lost alot of money within the 45 minutes we was there. we will NOT go back. There is a Indian Casino in Michigan which is very very nice has all kinds of gifts shops maybe only 2 was high priced but the rest was reasonable prices. they had about 20 shops a place for kids and teenagers to play games, they baby sit for a small fee. we will go back to that one.