King's Ransom Casino King's Ransom Casino
Mooringsport, Louisiana
Confusing to get yo the cafe 6, unless you've been there before. I went for a rock and roll wine event, and after I made my way all the way up there, I find out I was supposed to check in downstairs somewhere. Would have been nice if there were signs saying so, but I really think they should of had the check in at the actually plane they were having the event. Not the palms fault, not the wine events fault. I have been to a few concerts at the Pearl, I like the venue, and the sound system is great there. But concerts are always expensive there! I would go to more, if they weren't so expensive. And of course, every time I'm there, I get food and drinks while I'm there too. So the palms is losing out on my covert ticket, plus anything I would spend for food or drinks while at the resort as well.