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Seven Clans Casino Thief River Falls
Thief River Falls, Minnesota
Seven Clans Casino has, hands down, some of the largest standard room sizes I've ever seen. The ceilings are higher and most rooms have a walk out patio (1st floor) or balcony(2nd-4th floors). There are a fair number of rooms that have a fireplace, also. The fireplace seems to be more for looks than actual heat. It's a gas fireplace but I've never been able to notice a significant amount of heat being kicked out when it's running. Most rooms come standard with a microwave, coffee maker and refrigerator. I've stayed here so many times in the regular room, fireplace and jacuzzi rooms and I honestly can't remember NOT having a refrigerator, microwave and coffee maker. There is a waterpark in the hotel. I've never taken advantage of this particular amenity, but it seems to be very busy on the weekends and any school holiday. The casino itself is smaller than average for the area. There is no alcohol served or allowed on the premises. It's actually very refreshing to be in an alcohol-free environment. They make up for it with cigarettes, however. Being a non-smoker, myself, there are times my eyes are burning and it's downright uncomfortable to be in the casino. I know I'm ultra sensitive to cigarette smoke, so I try to account for that in my reviews. I believe the only floor in the hotel that allows smoking in the rooms is the 4th floor. That floor has the best views, of course. If you get a room facing east, you'll get to see where the dirtbike track used to be. If you get a room facing west, you see a parking lot and an open field. The area itself is very beautiful, if you've never been to northern Minnesota. There are times you can easily see the Northern Lights in the night sky. There are two restaurants in the casino/hotel, one is located immediately inside the casino entrance and the other is off the lobby of the hotel. Food is adequate, but nothing spectacular. The town of Thief River Falls is about 10 miles north. There is a Wal-mart on the south end of town, open 24 hours a day, where you can get food if you don't like the menu offerings at the casino. The things that keep me from rating the hotel/casino 5 stars include the fact that the lobby and elevator are on the very north end of the hotel. The parking lot is arranged such that the closest door for the majority of the parking spots is the door on the very south end of the hotel. If you happen to get a room on the far south end of the hotel, you will be carrying your luggage from the far south end of the building to the very north end in order to reach the elevator, only to find that you will be hauling your luggage the entire length of the hotel again to reach your room on the south end. You find yourself contemplating just dragging the luggage up 4 flights of stairs. The staff friendliness varies greatly. Most will not even crack a smile if you give them a genuine compliment. But don't assume they're all crabby because if you go out with the intention of meeting some really nice people, you will find them. There is free wi-fi throughout the hotel and casino. It gets irritating because quite often, the weak signal you're receiving is the strongest you'll see during your stay. And even if you're active on your browser, the internet connection will drop you and wait for you to log in again. I haven't yet found a way to automatically log in every time the connection drops. I don't know for sure if the RJ45 jack the phone plugs into is still just on the phone network or not. I've never brought along a CAT5 cable to check it out. Although the front desk, players club and cashier are staffed 24/7, do not expect your phone call to the hotel to be answered at all between midnight and 7am. There are many times they seem to be having phone system problems The people at the Players Club are the friendliest and will do whatever they can to help you out. Overall, I'd say this property is on a steady decline. The rooms, bathrooms especially, need an update. The patio doors don't always lock, leaving you vulnerable to any random stranger checking doors (this is the the first floor only, of course). But the large rooms and beautiful area keep us coming back.