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May 14 '19 at 19:18

Brilliance of the Seas

Friendly crew and beautiful ship (but read about concern at end of review)
We were in a front facing oceanview room on deck seven. We had a great captain's view from this spacious cabin; however, I could feel the motion more than I liked in that particular part of the ship, so be aware of this if you decide to book--I will steer clear in the future. Also, just FYI, you have to close the curtains after dark because light from the cabin affects the view from the bridge above. Casino was nice--all crew members (management, dealers, bar servers) were extremely friendly and I had a very good time in the casino. I won $100 in fake chips from a hot seat promo, and I hit a straighflush in three card ($21 bet--$1 for dealer) on the second day which made me even for the first two days. :) I lost a bit the last three days, but, well, its a casino, so... We took advantage of the cinema onboard and watched a couple of movies we had not seen before. It is small (maybe 60-75 seats), but we were always able to get a seat. There is only one concern that I want to let everyone to know about: On three different occasions we had charges appear on our sail and sign that were unauthorized; the last one was for four towels--but we had only checked out a total of two the entire cruise (and had returned same day). I have sailed on fifty-odd cruises (Carnival and RCL) and this was the first time I felt these phantom charges were actually placed maliciously rather than accidentally. I spoke with someone at RCL once we got back, but I did not think they really cared. Basically, I was told that they didn't understand what the problem was since I caught and had the charges removed while I was aboard. I also told Mallory (Greatest URComped hostess EVER) and she said she would pass the info up the ladder so they can monitor the situation with URComped guests. Anyway, I hope I am wrong, and I did not take any stars from my review just in case I am. I really like this ship and I am actually booked to sail again in March. I just want to bring this up in case others have had a similar experience; and to make everyone aware that they need to check their charges (I mean, who is really going to notice $150 when your bill is over $3000 unless you are looking for incorrect charges).