Casino del Sol - Selva Casino del Sol - Selva
This is FAR from 4 stars!!! Don't let your travel agent fool you! The lobby is dirty, most of the waitstaff doesn't acknowledge you or they get you a drink once and never return (and yes we tipped very well and it didn't make a difference). The food is almost inedible, always cold in the buffet, eggs and chicken are undercooked. The rooms look pretty but the bed is worse than plywood (I slept on the wicker love seat), the toilets barely flush and you cannot put a sheet of TP in there whatsoever. The pool was dirty, cloudy, and smelled. The vendors they allow into the resort never leave you alone and harass you all throughout your trip. From the excursion booking people, to getting a coconut in the morning, to the guys who sell souvenirs, to the people who want you to constantly take pictures with crap/animals. They don't hear the word "No Thanks" very well at all. In the restaurants every one get served at a different time, so while one has their dinner someone else will just be recieving their appitezer. And if you do decide to go here and experience any of this DOCUMENT EVERYTHING and complain about everything that bothers you. Otherwise they turn everything on you saying "they never mentioned anything so we couldn't help them". If you bring luggage only bring carry on. Ours got lost and no one from the hotel, airport, travel agency, or Apple vacations will help you. Good luck getting service there too!