Restaurant @ Ameristar Casino & Hotel East Chicago
Had a great stay in a wonderful room. Was greeted by a friendly staff member, FD supr, at the time of my check-in. (Surprised by the great attitude) at such a late hour after 12 pm and they held my reservation. Thank you to a great cleaning crew that did not wake me up to clean my room both days as I slept in. I worked in the hotel industry for 25 years and commend the management on the choice of front office staff, extremely hospitality driven people. The Casino was a large contrast to the hotel, both from the cleanliness and professionalism. The table dealers (craps especially) were friendly but lack the professionalism required to bring in your players that want a well run table. Every 10 minutes a player had a arguement about his last second sloppy bet, and the dealers continuely allow those moves. I blame the pit boss for lacking the admin controll of the staff and the conversations that were allowed by the dealers. I notice no other player was tipping the dealers much and mentioned it to the dealer lead...when the pit boss mentioned that it was not done here???? I questioned whether I should continue doing so myself....This did not reflect on my winning or losing, but I would like the dealers to strengthen their game and not allow the sloppy players to dominate the table and affect the flow of play.