Le Burger Brasserie
Restaurant @ Paris Las Vegas
If you're looking for a relatively inexpensive place to eat on The Strip with great food [and don't mind sports] then this is the place to have a bite. My husband and I ate here on Labor Day for dinner and it wasn't very busy. I actually expected it to have some sort of dress code since it looked like a decent place but they asked if we wanted to sit so we sat! (we were wearing gym shoes). Also, to my surprise, the waitresses were wearing bustiers which didn't bother me--'tis Vegas after all! I had a mustard/ketchup incident when I was younger so I always check my seat before I sit down. There were some crumbs that stuck to my thighs D: but I find that restaurants usually don't clean the seats that often. As usual, we had no idea what to get to drink so we ordered water when are chipper waitress introduced herself. When she came back with our waters, we put in our drinks--I got the strawberry mint lemonade (very very very delicious) and my husband got a miller since the coors tap was out. We also put in the pretzels at the same. Pretzels came (they were alright--just pretzels!), and we decided to share the Italian burger (has motz cheese, arugula, and pancetta). Since I mentioned that we were sharing the burger, they cut it for us and served on a separate plate. Saved me sooo much time cutting it myself ;) We also ordered a double of fries which was waaaay too many fries. They were so crunchy that I had left over bits in my shirt :D Probably what I sat in earlier! Our waitress did forget our drinks but they still tasted pretty darn good when we reminded her. All in all, a good experience, good service, and great food. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a different Vegas environment.