Le Café Ile St. Louis Le Café Ile St. Louis
Restaurant @ Paris Las Vegas
"Bonjour, mon ami. Lardons, si vous plait" Located conveniently by the hotel elevators at the Paris Las Vegas hotel, Le Cafe Ile St. Louis offers French American cuisine, specializing in breakfast/brunch. A cute facade makes diners feel they are in city of lights, with dining inside or "al fresco", which in this case means overlooking the casino floor. I chose to sit "al fresco" both times I dined here, as it gave ample opportunity to people watch, both those gambling & those walking by, and to enjoy the filtered casino air. I assumed seating inside would be rather stuffy. As previously mentioned, I dined at Le Cafe Ile St. Louis on two occasions, for dinner then for breakfast the next day. Here's the 411- Dinner - There was very little wait & was quickly led to a table. While waiting for my order to arrive, crusty bread & butter were placed on our table- By crusty, I mean crusty. The outer layer of bread was as crusty as my tidy whities after my first wet dream. Yes, that crusty! Inside, though, was airy & soft. The butter was crack to me. I asked for another helping of it, as I was liberally dousing each piece of bread w/ butter. I even helped myself to spoonfuls applied directly to mouth, w/o the interference of bread. Calamari - Fried squid w/ crispy onions, fennel, lemon & a dijon mustard vinaigrette $12- This was delicious. Generous portions, fried crisp & light with a captivating vinaigrette. I asked for more of said vinaigrette because I was bathing each piece of calamari and/or onion with it. Burger and foie gras - Angus beef, pate de foie gras, caramelized apples, balsamic gastrique on a brioche bun w/ pomme frites $18- Tres bien! What sold it for me was the foie gras, a food item that was recently banned for sale in California. It's like meat butter. I delighted in the medium-rare goodness- The pomme frites (french fries) were, sadly, soggy & limp. I guess they spent too much time w/ the Paris go-go dancer the previous night ;p She sure knew how to twerk it, so I don't blame the fries for being limp LOL Creme brulee $8 - Ahhh, the crispy sugar shell forming a roof over the thick creme underneath. This was magnifique! I savored each & every bite, delighting in the burnt flavoring of the sugary shell. Breakfast - There was about a 5 min wait, so it wasn't long before being seated "al fresco". Complimentary toasted bread of choice was provided. I chose sourdough & extra of that fantastic butter. Corned beef hash w/ two poached eggs $15 - Hearty, rich, stick to your ribs good! I relished each & every bite, as the runny egg yolks slithered down the hash, making for a delectable meal. Quality portions, worth the $15. Cafe latte $5 - This could French kiss my derriere. Weak coffee in a small cup. I thought the Europeans were known for how strong they like their coffee. This was more like Folgers. The Gevalia I brew at home is leaps & bounds better than this drivel. Service was good, as extra butter was brought out & drinks were refilled. Seating is plentiful throughout, w/ my recommendation of dining "al fresco". I enjoyed my 2 dining experiences here at Le Cafe Ile St. Louis. It's Vegas, so the prices can be a little high for what you get, but I mostly enjoyed the food I had the pleasure of eating here. Plus, the convenience of having the restaurant located right outside the hotel elevators make stopping here a breeze. Recommend! Au revoir! NOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM