Le Village Buffet Le Village Buffet
Restaurant @ Paris Las Vegas
Here is my experience with this $24 breakfast: I saw a very good-looking crepes (I did not know the name them) ordered by a lady, so went up and ask the chef to cook the same food for me. At that time I was the only customer. Here is the dialogue: The chef (pointed to a menu on the wall and asked impatiently): "tell me what you want". Me (nervously as I don't understand the menu): "can I have what the lady just ordered?" The chef: "I don't remember what she ordered. Next! " (now more customers behind me) Me: "you don't remember what you just cooked?" (now guy behind me came up to order, and I embarrassly standed there studying the menu) Me: "can I have number 2 on the menu?" After the Chef finished the number 2, he yelled: "plate! plate!" I was confused and embarrassed to a degree that I could not immediately understand what he yelled. A kind lady behind me managed to understand his words, and ran to 10 meters away and got two plates (one for me and the other for herself). Funny right? he should have prepared a pile of plates, instead of asking the customers to bring a plate when waiting in a line. then I got my number 2. But I felt something wrong: why he treated me so rude? It was almost humiliating. I had not done anything wrong, so why shoud I deserve such service? So I walked to the lady who was responsible for walking the customers to the tables, and explained the issue. Her reply was: did you see the menu? we have to keep the efficiency. so I returned to my table very unhappily, then after complaining to my friends, I made a decision: i will return this food to the chef. I walked back to the chef. There was a long line of customer now. I put the plate on the counter and said calmly to the chef: "I don't like this food, because of your attitude to me". The chef looked at me surprisingly, with some kind of smile in his face to me and to the other customers, like "what a crazy customer! how unbelievable! how can someone refuse to take my food while so many people are waiting.." The response of other customers (except the kind lady) were also surprising to me: the customer waiting in the first place pushed my plate to the side and said "if you don't like it, don't put it here"; someone in the line said "great. I will take this one". what's wrong with these people? It could be that I live in a nice place full of kind people for too long a time and am not used to cold places like LV.