Le Village Buffet Le Village Buffet
Restaurant @ Paris Las Vegas
Food: Waited 2 hours in line during 2015 Xmas Weekend for dinner. Food was decent for the price for $34 per person. It had your standard fare of turkey, prime rib and snow crab legs. What sets it apart are some of the French dishes such as duck a l'orange, bouillabaisse, and the made to order crepes. Out of those, I would skip the duck, as it was incredibly dry (went to grab duck on two separate occasions and both time new batch was being brought out). Bouillabaisse and crepe are good though! Drinks: Order it through your waiter. Soft drink, juice, coffee and tea are all available. Service: Decent. Our waiter came by to refill drinks, water and clear the used dishes on the regular and was courteous every time. Overall: Eh...not bad!