Mon Ami Gabi Mon Ami Gabi
Restaurant @ Paris Las Vegas
Meh. Such a wonderful word and such a great description of this restaurant. French onion soup, Meh. Not sure what people were raving about. It was basically a block of cheese with onions and bread. I came away with the feeling I could have made that in the kitchen, and that isn't a good sign. The salad with kale is definitely false advertising. Reminded me of the "may contain peanuts" warnings as the salad may contain kale. Dressing was also hugely disappointing too. I forget what else I ordered as it was completely forgettable other than the taste of disappointment. This was also the only restaurant in Vegas I was disappointed with the service. It was busy so I totally understand the wait to take our order, but when the food was delivered they basically dumped it on the table. Didn't take any stars off for that as in the end I judge based on the food, but it did stick out as something out of place.