Comme Ca Comme Ca
Restaurant @ The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Took my wife out for "Date Night" to Comme Ca. Let's start with drinks. Surprisingly, for being in the Cosmopolitan, their Cosmopolitan Martini was weak (light liquor pour) and served in a small mini martini glass (5oz max). Salad was wonderful (excellent combination of flavors and textures). Lobster was not so good (it was listed as "Poached in Butter", though the lobster was not tender (in fact it was tough to chew) and did not have a rich, salty, and savory taste associated with "butter". I expect a lot better for $58 Market Price on Lobster. Overall, good experience (atmosphere, view, service) but the ultimate high bill ($289 for 2) was not commensurate with the low drink and food quality. I would not recommend Comme Ca to a friend.