Scarpetta Scarpetta
Restaurant @ The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
About the view: Fortunately we were placed by the window and had a SPECTACULAR view of "La Fontana" (the Bellagio Fountain) where we where able to enjoy the show! About the service: Our waiter was very nice, a bit on the talkative side to some, but I didn't mind it, I found him friendly. The team was attentive, professional and polite. About the food: The menu was a little limited, and a bit confusing if one is not familiar with the Italian language... However, the servers are well informed and have no trouble explaining dishes to those who need it. The bread basket offered is AWESOME, they provide an array of different breads accompanied by butter, olive oil, and an eggplant-based-type sauce, which was excellent. We where a party of 7 celebrating our friend's birthday, so we had several dishes to savor... No one had any complaints. I had the Tagliatelle, which is a pasta dish mixed with vegetables, guanciale (a type of pork meat similar to pancetta but not entirely), and drizzled in a savory truffle zabagalione sauce). The dishes are individual-portion sized and may appear small to the eye, but trust me, it does fill you up, especially with the bread... which if you run out, the servers will gladly bring you more, if you ask. They also have a vegetarian menu, which provides two dishes that are vegan for those who follow a strict diet. Two of the seven are vegans, and they were very content with their meals. I was the only one to order dessert...and mainly because I could not say no to Nutella! To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with the desert and actually would not recommend it (I had the Nutella and Vanilla Creme Bomboloni)- I'm sure there are other places where you can have tasty treats for half the price...and with Nutella! ;) About the price: It is an upscale strip restaurant, so if you are a poor lass as myself, then seeing that an idividual-sized plate of spaghetti with a simple tomato and basil sauce cost $24, just remind yourself you get awesome bread to accompany it, you are in a trendy and upscale restaurant right next door to the Bellagio, and YOU DESERVE to treat yourself! Just if you do, pay a few bucks more and get something you wouldn't normally make at home in a matter of minutes. ;) To give you an honest idea, I paid (including tip) $50 for my pasta dish and dessert (I had water- not if you're really going to indulge with a glass of wine, then add another $20 +/-). About the facilities: At the entrance is the bar with individual booths as well as seats at the bar (as is common to have), the dining room is at the back in a more intimate setting as to make it more private. Very nice. Yet, there is nothing "WOW" about the decor or overall ambiance- for being an "Italian" restaurant, I guess I would have just liked to have felt a little more "in Italia". There is a restroom provided in the restaurant, however as mentioned "a," meaning there is one for women and one for men, so if you really have to go and it is occupied, and you cannot wait, then you will have to exit the restaurant, BUT the good news is there are restrooms a few feet away to the right. ;) A HELPFUL NOTE: If you are driving to the Cosmopolitan to eat at Scarpetta, then park as close to the EAST ELEVATORS, the restaurant is on the third floor just feet from the elevators... I got lucky and did just that and had no trouble at all finding it... all the other girls in my party all parked on the west side and had a bit of a walk. Overall: Not my FAVORITE restaurant, but as mentioned, the view is beautiful, the service is good, and the food is pretty "Delizioso"... so would I recommend it to friends? Not as first choice, but yes as one of a list of options. Well, I hope my review was helpful, and again... I trust you will have an enjoyable meal and experience if you do decide to go. Buon appetito! :)