Wicked Spoon Wicked Spoon
Restaurant @ The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
This is, by far, my favorite buffet in Las Vegas. I would like to offer my gratitude that the chef personally walked me through the buffet to attend to concerns about my food allergies and offered himself up for additional questions and custom ordering throughout the evening. This alone would sell me on the place but the food itself was fantastic. Highlights thereof include the wonderfully unique salads and vegetables, the seafood creations, and specially made pasta. Additionally, there were five different gluten-free desserts, which was remarkable and each was delicious. I appreciate the small plates concept (with sizes already portioned for you on the buffet counters) and had wonderful table service with good happy hour cocktails. Highly, highly recommended, even with the long and lonely walk through the Cosmopolitan's second floor. You'll start wondering if the restaurant is truly there but it is, I promise.