Earl of Sandwich Earl of Sandwich
Restaurant @ Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino
Bizarre how Earl of Sandwich is located in the Planet Hollywood Hotel in Las Vegas, because this place is neither Hollywood glamour or Vegas sin; it gives more of the down-to-earth home feel. The Full Montagu (roasted beef, turkey, swiss & cheddar cheese, lettuce, roma tomato & Earl's mustard) is near sandwich PERFECTION. If you need an extra kick, all the tables are stocked with grey poupon, which I'm a total sucker for. The bf had Cannonballs! (meatballs, marinara, mozzarella & parmesan cheese), which was a little salty, but still delish when hot. Then again, meatball sandwiches were never my thing. If like me, you need your sandwich with a side of soup, this place offers a few soups to choose from. I had the broccoli and cheese soup, which comes with oyster crackers if you ask for them. It had nice bite-sized chunks of broccoli and wasn't too thick. To finish it off, we tried the ice cream sandwich made with Ghirardelli chocolate. The top layer of brownie was good, but the ice cream wasn't creamy enough and the bottom layer was cake, which felt kind of cheap. The best part about it is that the prices are totally reasonable and comparable to national sandwich chains. And don't think you're going to get cheated with a shot glass of soup. It was an honest bowl-sized portion, and definitely more than what you'd get at the other chains. In addition, it offers a variety of fruit cups, parfaits, potato salads, cookies, chips and the like. You can have a full meal for under $10 in Vegas. Unheard of!