Wyndham Nassau Resort & Crystal Palace Casino Wyndham Nassau Resort & Crystal Palace Casino
Nassau, New Providence Island
We stopped here recently on our cruise and went to resort for a day pass. We arrived at 9:00am and completed the paperwork. We had a party of 4 and were charged $360 for everyone to use the facilities. We were then told we could not come into the resort until 10:00am after they already charged our cards. All the facilities were already open and all we wanted to do was use the beach. When I asked if we could at least walk around the property for an hour while we waited I was told "no" and that we would have to wait. Once we were finally able to use the resort it was too windy to go on the beach and all the water sports were cancelled, which was fine with us. We grabbed some chairs around the pool. The pool was very cold and not close to being usable. The unlimited drinks that were included was very limited to warm tap beer and very limited liquor selections. The bar staff was very nice. During the day they would play music for about 10 minutes and then interrupt and try to get people to play games with the staff, yoga on a stage, ect....I got the impression from the people staying at the resort that this was how it was everyday and did not see a lot of smiles on faces. We left at noon to go back downtown. I normally do not write reviews but did select this location for the day based on some other reviews and wanted to post this so others could see our experience as well.