Búzios Seafood Restaurant
Restaurant @ Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino
SHOULD BE CALLED BOOSIOS LOL!! Was a little dissapointed once i seen the place...we had looked online and picked this restaurant because we were staying at the rio. Everything was seeming ok but soon realized how cheap the resraunt was like a peice of paper for a menu and then we got our drinks, we ordered the mojitos and they were so terrible, so when the waiter came and we asked if we could change them, he barked at us soo rudly WELL WHAT DO U WANT THEN, i was in shock and then when we said we didnt know and wanted to see the menu again, he snatched the drinks off the table sooo fast and stormed away. I couldnt beleive my eyes, and like what did he care.after that i felt terrible and didnt even want to talk to him anymore and.we.almost decided to walk out but ended up staying only because we were starving. So once we ordered my food was wrong i wanted rice as a side and he sent me mushrooms that looked like they were from a can and all the juices were getting soaked up by my fish, and when i told him my order was wrong he was just as angry and was about to take it back and instead left me the plate and said, You can eat it..i will bring you a bowl of rice. So my fish now tasted like mushroom juice, gross.and the mashed patatos tasted exaclty like the rice, i couldnt tell the diffetence between them, terrible. I couldnt beleive it. Then i noticed the manager asking the tables, how was the food?..we told her we were not happy but was scared to complain about the psycotic waiter and then we noticed the table behind us sending there food back and having the same problem with the waiter...needless to say i ate half my food and we couldnt get out of there fast enough...i will never go back..i think ANY restaurant would have been better than that one