VooDoo Café and Lounge VooDoo Café and Lounge
Restaurant @ Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino
They ruined my WEDDING DAY. My Husband to be at the time and I called one month in advance and followed-up. Our plan was to have a quiet romantic dinner and meet up with friends and the wedding party afterwards. We arrived early for our 7:00 pm reservation in wedding dress and tux. Our reservation was confirmed and they asked us to sit in the bar and they would call us, which we agreed. After 20 minutes we checked with the host and every 15-20 minutes after that. Two and a half hours later, we still were not seated and were not give any explanation. We watched several other parties being seated immediately. I guess we're "nobody's". We were sure treated that way. It's our stupidity that we waited so long without raising hell or leaving. The others guests were kind congratulating us and buying us drinks (maybe too many.) We never were seated ourselves, but we're grateful that a gentleman and his three daughters who invited us to dine with them. (He was a regular customer or "somebody".) Our night ended there at 11:00 pm. We couldn't find where all our friends have gone to meet up. Anyway, at this point, I was emotionally drained and had my first fight with my husband on my wedding day. Not the way I wanted my special day to go, which is upsetting.