24/Seven Café 24/Seven Café
Restaurant @ The Palms Casino Resort
My husband and myself used to love going to the 24-7. The new menu really needs help.First compare it to other local casino's cafe menu's. It is short,offers no variety and the prices are too expensive. .Please see what I noticed below: NO CUPS OF SOUP NO HOUSE SALAD NO BAKED POTATO ONLY 6 SANDWICHES AND 5 DINNERS And forget a choice of a vegetable-but I must say for that "cafe" , it is not anything new. The food for a "cafe" is a bit pricey. I see people walk in-look at the menu and turn around and walk out.Maybe you should put a survey in the rooms as when people leave the Palms to eat they will spend their money in other casino. I am a local and we eat out most of the time. The 24-7 used to be the place where we ate the most but it is not the case now. On the upside- the food is very good and you always get plenty to eat.!