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Dec 31 '15 at 19:16

Blue Agave Oyster and Chile Bar

Let me just start off with saying this establishment is the biggest excuse for a hotel. Don't let the outside or the entrance of this hotel full you. We booked our reservation three months ahead of time. We were told where our room was located and headed for it. With tired legs and a family we were exhausted. As we walked out the sliding glass doors to the so called "court yard" we then realized it was a completely different building. (not shown in the pictures on the website) As we walked into the doors we smelt a strong marijuana odor. We continued to walk forward where we were greeted by a hotel employee. He pointed us the our room. He then noticed our faces were filled with disgust and started telling us stories. He began with telling us a disturbing story to graphic to display with words. We then rushed back to the front desk asking for some type of compensation. The manager came out threatening us for the employees name. If you are coming to Vegas with a family I highly recommend to stay as far away as you possibly can. Don't even set your eyes on this place.