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Feb 7 '16 at 21:33

Blue Agave Oyster and Chile Bar

We were caught by the nostalgia of the outside, so we walk into this amazing entry. They were busy so there was no room in the tower. We were asked did we want down stairs or an upstairs room "close" to the cassino entrance. We picked upstairs. We walk through the cassino then pass the sliding glass doors through an ally to a secondary hotel. I have never entered a place this dingy, but still I was hopeful because we picked this place specifically because it was older. So I wasnt expecting a lot. Once we got to our room, a horrible smell almost like something was decomposing captured us as our feet were sticking to the floor on the tile entry of the room. There was toilet paper on the floor in the bathroom, smallest shower ever and the drain looked as if it was pryed out. There was "food" particals on the desk area, beyond dusty. All the vents had, not been cleaned and had gunk built up. There was only like a white sheet covering the bed, not a comforter of any type. Then we noticed where the dresser/ tv area is the rug had been cut out and replaced in a obvious way.you almost felt like you would trip on it. We spent apx 2 min in the room. We asked for a refund how ever it is still pending. We literally left Las Vegas and stayed at a seedy motel 6 because we were so tired.It was cleaner then this place!!!! We travel a lot and I have never HATED a place!!! I will never ever go back to Vegas. That's says allot because we gamble.