N9NE Steakhouse N9NE Steakhouse
Restaurant @ The Palms Casino Resort
A terrible restaurant. I look at the pictures of the food people have posted and wonder if we ate at the same restaurant. Martinis were lukewarm, oyster were barely chilled, and my $68 dry aged steak was over-cooked and fatty, with gristle. I was alone and felt bullied to sit in the bar - three different staffers said, "why don't we sit you in the bar?" I asked for a table in the dining area as multiple tables and a huge section of the banquette was empty, but was told they were reserved and unavailable. Those same tables sat empty through out my entire dinner. The staff was polite ... each of the four waiters who served my table. I saw one waiter twice. (Of course, I actually saw a ton of waiters, since they had seated me on a service corridor.) There're some amazing steakhouses in Las Vegas. Nine is not. Avoid it, it's a rip-off. My food was so bad I had the remainder boxed up and left for manager of Palms Place to see had awful it was and know I'm not exaggerating.