Maryland Live! Casino Maryland Live! Casino
Hanover, Maryland
so to begin, crap tables limit is $2000, a great way so you can lose if u're doubling slot machines, we know u play against a computer ... but the winning there is like 1 chance in one million security at the door act like if u're entering a night club, no respect at all and they look pissed already. long lines to cash out your chips, u'll have to wait like 15 min to do so .... dirty !!! carpets, tables, everything is dirty and the smell is very bad dealers will yell at you in case you take ur time to bet or shoot dices the MOST important one is very funny :) if YOU are a winner and you win most of the times, YOU WILL BE KICKED OUT :) i promise. a guy next to me was accused of threatening a dealer while nothing happened at all :) the guy was winning by the thousands, probably won around 10k then a security came over and told him "you gave the dealer a MEAN look" LOL i never ever ever heard or saw something like that in my life, so the guy ended up getting restrained from his arms and was escorted to the main door, when i asked why ? they said "NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS" , so i took my chips, cashed out , left without looking back and simply went to another casino. so this technically was my experience with them good luck.