Red Parrot Pizza Red Parrot Pizza
Restaurant @ Casino Pauma
I am here to warn all who frequent this place to know how they humiliated my father. He is 73 years old man. Him and my mother go to the casino every Wednesday. Two days a go when they were there my father went to a machine to cash out a ticket and he could not get the ticket in machine. He then noticed there was cash left behind by someone else. My father, with all his integrity took the money out and turned around to see if anyone was coming, looking for the money and waited by the machine for quite some time to see if anyone would come looking for it. He then went and found my mom and told her what happened. They decided to hold onto the money and see if anyone came over the PA system to claim it. He put it in a different pocket separate from his money. A short time later he was tapped on the shoulder and asked to come to security. He thought he had won a hot seat CASH. When he got into security he was quickly told he was being arrested for theft. I can not tell you how upsetting this is to a man who has lived his entire 73 years with more honesty and dignity than anyone I have ever know. I cry as I write this because it is so wrong on so many levels. How dare they take a mans pride and crush it over something so innocent. This casino and the Gaming Commission went over board and crossed the line. They really need to rethink how they handle situations like this. I do not think they care to though. So beware of this. I had not idea it was considered theft to take something you found. It has happened to me at a casino before and I took the money. It was not that much. But still. If no one claims it what are you to do? I wonder what happens to all the money that people turn into security anyways? My father was not arrested. After a very long interrogation and accusations thrown at my father he was sited and escorted off the property. Shame on you Pauma :( a very BIG thumbs down for this place. I will never go back. Denise Kirkconnell