Treasure Island Resort & Casino Treasure Island Resort & Casino
Welch, Minnesota
My wife and I spent our 10th anniversary here and we were super excited to take advantage of the new Lagoon facility before checking in. Unfortunately, we were told on 3 separate occasions that our room would be ready at 3:00 pm but once we arrived at the front desk we were told it was not ready. I immediately asked to speak with the manager, bad idea. She abruptly stated check-in is at 4:00 pm. This is hard to believe since we were told we could check in at 3:00 pm. Most hotels if not all of them, check-in is at 3:00 pm, regardless. I was infuriated by her response and then she unprofessionally turned her back on us, proceeding to her back office. How rude? It was apparent to me T.I. is extremely understaffed which created long lines and an unkept facility. The decor is outdated, furniture chairs with worn/torn arm rests and bad carpeted areas and badly cracked floor tiles. The Lagoon is misleading as there are no changing areas or adequate sized lockers. We were coerced into arriving early and experiencing The Lagoon but the prime situation would be to check in first and then proceed to The Lagoon area. As for the food, we had the buffet which is just like every buffet in America, fair at best. We ate breakfast at Currents which was also fair at best. I had the eggs Benedict with chorizo which I believe later gave me food poisoning, 24 hour stomach flu. Tables were sticky and not entirely clean and a lot of the staff were not as friendly as they should be. At the buffet, our hostess tried to put us at a tiny two-top so we asked to be seated at another table, she obliged but with a horrible attitude and consciously dropped our silverware on the table, rude. Good thing the manager was there and noticed the whole thing, hostess was asked to leave for evening. Overall, we had a good time with each other and with our free credits to play slots we won enough money to pay for our room. I would suggest to anyone thinking about going to T.I. to do their research first. You may have better options. We will not be going back any time soon.