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The only reason why Atlantis is enjoyable is because of the uniqueness of the resort. Sure you get to swim with dolphins and go snorkeling in the aquarium, but the service from an overall standpoint is less than bad. You also want to make sure that the chicken tacos at the cain restaurant are cooked all the way through, I got food poisoning bad. The TV and phones in our room did not work and it took them 3 days to send someone up, and even then they didn't know how to fix it. A group of us went to dinner at the Bahamian Grill in the Coral Towers and it took 4 hours, we had to get up and walk over to the bar to get a drink within 45 minutes. And speaking of the dolphins, the people who work here said they were "rescued from Katrina"...unless they were on the levies when they broke and ended up in a fresh water lake, why would they need to be "rescued" and brought here? Just put them back into the gulf. The bottom line is to not waste your money, for how much it is per night here you can find a lot better options all over the Caribbean. But if you care about the social stigma of "going to Atlantis" then come try it out I guess.