Frankie's Frankie's
Restaurant @ Dover Downs Hotel & Casino
First, let me say that the rating system should include quarter stars. I went to my first boxing match at the casino last night. It was great. It was late and me and my wife had not eaten. We decided to check out Frankie's. The food was absolutely awful. The calamari contained little to no seasoning. We ordered this dish called, "Pollo Limone." The chicken was bland and we could not taste any lemon. The waiter, "Daniel", never asked us how the food was nor did he check on our beverages for refills. We had to ask him for refills. Finally, I said to him, "You know, you never asked us how the food was." The waiter said, "Well, you were eating it, so I assumed it was alright." I laughingly responded, "No, the food is actually quite nasty and bland. We are only eating it because it's late and we are really hungry. Do you eat lunch here?" The waiter said he doesn't eat at the restaurant and agrees that the food is bland. Avoid, this place when you are in town. Italians across America should come together and protest the restaurant's insistence in being identified as an Italian restaurant.