Hotel Pool Bar Hotel Pool Bar
Restaurant @ Desert Diamond Casino & Hotel - Nogales Highway
The building itself was good however the stuff where not nice. I was pregnant at that time and my sister wanted to go on the slide of the swimming pool but she can swim. So I went to the guard lady and ask her if she can go on the slide if she can not swim. She looked at me she starts shouting "if she can't swim why she go on the slide do you want to hold her while you are pregnant this is not right" I looked at her and I said I just ask you a question you don't need to shout. The manager of the pool came and she explained to him what happened I can hear them however he did not come to me and apologize he just followed me like I am a troubled person. In general I think the swimming pool, the tennis yard, and the activities connected to the spa are for the people who pay yearly fee to enjoy these things. They are not for someone who go and have two days of enjoyment. Find another hotel/spa to stay on if you are visitor.