Buffet Buffet
Restaurant @ Pullmantur Cruises - Zenith
POC Buffet gets a solid four stars. After eating here for years, I've gotten bored of the selections. It's pretty much the same exact foods every time. They barely add new items. But if this is your first time, go for it! I usually go for dinner and once for lunch and the sushi has been pretty consistent. Although it's more expensive, I prefer dinner over lunch because sashimi is included in the dinner price. I don't really consider it sashimi though, because it's more like thick slices, 1/4" to 1/2", of salmon, tuna, escolar, etc. I usually cut the sashimi in half and eat it with a bite of a sushi roll. The sushi rolls alone do not have enough fish in them for me, so adding some sashimi helps make me feel better. They also have a carving station, hot foods (pot stickers, baby back ribs, chicken nuggets, fries) and a cold station (clams, snow crab legs). Salads and ceviches are also commendable. Desserts are good but not omg amazing. I feel like the desserts get too warm sometimes. Service has been excellent every time so far. They clear the used plates off your table pretty quickly and are friendly. It's going to be about $55+ for two people including tip. It's still quite a deal considering you'll be stuffed with sushi happiness when you leave.