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Restaurant @ Meskwaki Bingo Casino Hotel
I will NEVER go back to this god forsaken place. My sister had her wedding reception at this location. We set up Friday afternoon and had nothing but attitude from the event coordinator, Terry. While we were setting up, I went to the hotel side to ask about early check in for the bridal party (6 rooms) was told at first that it would just depend on if the room was ready or not, but guaranteed check in was at 4. I then asked if my parents would be able to check us in and with a rude tone and a lot of attitude she told me "absolutely not". I told the bride what I was told and she talked to Terry, Terry told her to write down the names and she will make sure the rooms are ready and will even try to check us in, but wasn't sure that she would be able to. Wedding was at 3, reception starts at 5/530. I got to the hotel at 4:10 had to stand in line for 35 minutes to check in. By this time it's 4:45 and I have about 15 minutes til I have to go to the reception. I was told my room is not ready, its being cleaned. I had all my luggage with me I asked what they wanted me to do and the lady told me that it wasn't her problem and to deal with it. She then asked me if I had someone that was already in there room that I could put my stuff in their room. Thankfully my parents checked in the day before and I could. Terry came up to me after I came back down from my parents room if I was checked in I told her no that my room wasn't ready and walked away. At that point I had a very harsh, rude, nasty attitude and was very harsh with my words. When I finally got a chance to go check in it was fairly quick to check in and either Terry had followed me or by happenstance she was there, but while I was checking in she had my room comped for the inconvenience and gave me a verbal apology for the inconveniences. While I appreciated the comp, the apology is what I needed. Out of 10 staff members I encountered, only 2 were polite and nice. I made sure to thank them for being polite and having a customer service attitude as it is lacking everywhere else. This is one place that will never see another dollar of my money, nor my families money.