Dessert Express Dessert Express
Restaurant @ Twin River Casino
From Yelp: Best Greek Restaurant in Lincoln. They know how to do Greek food, and the atmosphere and menu is full of good options. My personal favorite is the lamb suouvlaki. It is perfectly seasoned and very tasty. For an appetizer you really want to try the Saganaki, it is a large piece of cheese they set on fire. Very cool presentation and tastes great. Their gyro entrée is also very good with homemade tzatziki sauce (mix of yogurt, cucumbers, garlic, sault, olive oil, lemon juice and dill.) The flavor is great and the pita bread is excellent. They tend to put to much dressings on their salads so you may want to tell them to go easy on their dressing or have it on the side and add it yourself. For dessert they have a ton of great options like Baklava, melomakarona cookies, and other assorted cakes and pastries that have a combination of honey, nuts, chocolates, and cakes. You could probably eat something different over 15 different visits and enjoy them all. They also cater, and I have used them to cater a few events and they always do a nice job.