Bar Masa
Restaurant @ Aria Resort & Casino
A masterful experience. If food and service was spun gold, then this was it! The staff were very helpful, including TJ, who was our sake sommelier, and our fantastic server, who's name I cannot remember. They provided a full omakase experience, and we enjoyed various sake's paired with the various types of food we ate. We asked for, and our server gave us clear direction on how to eat everything the correct and traditional way. All of the food was absolutely incredible. In particular - the toro tartare with caviar - unbelievably delicious. T.J. shared with us that the plates, bowls, and more are made out of lava ash and other materials, and Chef Masa Takayama hand sketched the designs, sharing them with an artist who built them out in Japan. In addition, he explained in detail each bottle of sake we drank. It was a joy to learn that the sake we were drinking was chilled within a hand made snow dome, which was only done for a particular time of the year. Overall, it was a fantastic experience. Our thanks to T.J. and the server making the entire experience a joy.