Hooters Hooters
Restaurant @ Baldini's Casino
9/7/15 This casino is a small, older building in Sparks, NV. It sits in the flight path of the airport so they don't have a hotel attached, but it is where we ended up spending Saturday night since they will let you park your trailer/RV in their lot. Service between 2 and 3 a.m. was friendly, especially given the hour. The cashier happily called the bartender over to offer drinks to my husband, a friend, and me. He even came back later and offered us another round (which we declined). The women's restroom was really clean which was amazing since I hadn't washed my face thoroughly in over a week after leaving an event in Black Rock City, NV. I had soup for my dinner at their little Brickyard Bar & Grill and when I finished eating, my husband had turned $20 into $900. We've never won big like that so it was super exciting. We spent the night outside and we felt safe in their parking lot; we even had the door of our van open for part of the morning while we slept once the Sun started shining. We hit the Rib Festival at the Nugget nearby before heading home. This casino was in the perfect location for everything we wanted to do.