Loco's Mexican Grill & Cantina Loco's Mexican Grill & Cantina
Restaurant @ Cypress Bayou Casino
This has to be the worst place to go and gamble dont waste your money! First off we ate at eats we just wanted something quick and easy it was the worst service i have ever seen the people are rude and not friendly at all they just stare at you waiting on you to order no hello how can i help you or nothing not even a thank you after paying. Then the food was disgusting it was bland no flavor at all and a total waste of money we threw most of it away. The casino dose not pay at all i never seen slot machines eat so much so fast i don't mind losing but damn let us play a little and enjoy losing. Dont expect to get a drink unless u want a Pepsi or coffee u serve your self cause even if a waitress takes your order they never seem to come back. I just really find the staff is rude and not friendly and this place is a total waste of money and time