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Restaurant @ Showboat Atlantic City
I have very mixed reviews about my stay here. The room was average, some parts of the hotel seem a little dated. Most of the casino area smells so bad of smoke it is disgusting to walk through. Here is what was totally unacceptable though. We spend just under $400 for a one night stay and when we wanted to eat our leftovers from dinner earlier, we realized we had no utensils in the room. No problem there. So we called room service and they told us it would be a $12.95 charge for each person. Are you kidding me? You want to charge for utensils after we spent $400 to stay in your hotel and at least a other $100 in the bar during the day? Talk about terrible customer service. And people wonder Atlantic City is hurting for business. Maybe if you treated your customers better, didn't charge ridiculous amounts for your rooms, and expect the state of NJ to bail you out things would be better.