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Restaurant @ Norwegian Sun
It's really amazing when you walk into a venue and immediately feel as though you've been transported elsewhere. That's the feeling you get when you walk into their outdoor garden area. It is reminiscent of what I can only describe as a quaint English garden somewhere in England. Regardless of how hot it is, you just don;t feel it. They have so many trees and floor fans that you constantly feel a sweet breeze. Their menu (and I mean the actual physical menu, not the food) is like a book filled with historical information regarding Coconut Groove. It is so pretty and it really goes well with the nostalgic garden theme. The food is outstanding. I have been here several times, including during Miami Spice, and I have never been disappointed. I have had their lamb chops, grilled salmon, sauteed vegetables, salads, skirt steak, crab cakes, and many of their desserts and I've never been disappointed. They also have a very good wine list which as you know, it quite important to me ;) and their by the glass wines are good and reasonably priced. Pedro was our server last time I visisted and he was awesome. I have always had great service there! They have live jazz on the weekends and it is GREAT. It is a trio that adds just that "special something" to the evening. It makes everything so much more enjoyable (yes, I love jazz so I am being a bit bias here). If you sit outside, have dinner, and do not feel the need to use the restroom, do so anyway because if you don;t, you will miss seeing the inside which is equally as nice! Gorgeous photographs, large dining areas, and all around beautiful. There is a parking garage next door and plenty of street parking and a few parking lots. Give it a shot - you won't regret it.