360 Steakhouse
Restaurant @ Harrah's Council Bluffs
Rime rib cooked perfect, but lacked flavor. I wish I would have read the review about this earlier. The wine was ok. It was their feature for the night. The Escargot was delicious. The potato soup and French onion soup may have best part of the meal, they were absolutely delicious. The charred Swiss chords were awful. I've never had them before but the SA recommended that they were delicious because they were cooked in butter. My thoughts are that she's never really tried them. An one who thinks this side dish is delicious, I'd be curious to know where you grew up at. I can't belief Chef puts this on the menu. It's basically charred lettuce with parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. The mushroom side dish was delicious. The charred filet was just as it reads... It was charred. It tasted like it was grilled directly on top of a piece of charcoal, full of lighter fluid and char burnt. I sent this back and they made it again without the char flavor but still required Heinz 57 sauce.