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Restaurant @ Tulalip Resort Casino
VERY disappointed with the customer service at Tualip Resort Casino!! I booked online and printed out the confirmation details to take with us. We arrived & I dropped my husband off with the documentation and our bag and I continued on to do some shopping. They would not let my husband check in...said it was their policy. He asked to speak to the manager and she was very unfriendly and also cited their policy. She told him he could phone from a pay phone "over there" and get me to come back...not even a verbal telephone confirmation would do. It was Dave's phone number listed on the confirmation so that was not an option. The story gets worse. No one offered to keep our bag and he had to wait 3.5 hours for me to return from Lynnwood. He sat in the lounge and was informed he could not "loiter" there. I was understandably upset when I returned to find how he was treated!! I also asked for the manager and this time a man appeared from the back and he was extremely condescending, so much so that I knew the clerk had told him why I asked to speak to him and it was obvious he was not even listening to what I was asking. I asked why it was that they could not have checked his profile, as we both have one there. I advised we have the same name, the same address and telephone listed on the profiles, more importantly he had the printed confirmation. Like a broken record, he cited policy. OK, all that aside they made absolutely NO effort to make us feel better about the entire incident. They could have done so much to improve this incident...offered to make the phone call, offer him a coffee, offer us some small token as a peace offering...ANYTHING was better than the service we were given. Not a pleasant way to start our New Year celebration.