Buffalo Steakhouse
Restaurant @ Buffalo Bodega Gaming Complex
I was in this establishment having a lovely time when I see this thug looking character throw a girl to the ground. Now after this happened I immediately find security and inform them of the situation. Come to find out the security who looks like he was just released from jail says exactly this "the B!tch deserved it" !!!!!!!!!! Now where I am from no woman deserves treatment like that. Even if she was in fact wrong with her actions, it is your job as security to escort the girl out to avoid issues. Not to let your 5 friends bully a girl who barely stood 5 ft tall. Also the fact that security was defending his friends over this is complete and utter bullsh!t. Then I approach the manager on duty (fat guy with a beard) and his answer was "not my problem bro" are you joking me!!!! This situation was the definition of his problem! In summary I would say do not waste your time and money at this place unless you like to beat women or witness such grotesque behavior.