Lucky Eagle Casino Lucky Eagle Casino
Rochester, Washington
We recently stayed at this hotel, however one thing is for positive, We will NEVER come back. Here is why: Our Son just turned 18 yrs old. As far back as I can remember my son dreamed of turning 18 so that he can finally go to a casino and gamble. We live in Central oregon so we put in alot of time researching where he could gamble, so he could decide where he wanted to go. He came across your casino and everything on your website, along with the receptionist told us that slot games age limit is 18 and table games is 21. It took us 6 +hours driving here to make his dream come true for his birthday. We go to eat then gamble  but before we got past security the carded our son. As you can imagine how completely devastated we all were to find out that your website and reservationist lied. We did Not drive 6 + hours to find out it was all for nothing bcz he could only play less than 50 slots that dont have a chance in hell to win on. So after security told us this devastating news we decided to to go to your new grill/sportspub. The service we had was absolutely the worst we have ever had. Our Waitress came to our table 3 (1 to take our order 1 to give 1 round refills and lastly to give our check) times the entire 2 hours we were there. We only got our original drink and only 1 refill. The food was great but it took close to an hour and a half just to get our food. I asked for several items and never rcv'd any of it. At the end of our dinner she brought our check told us she would be our cashier  when we were ready and she left. After 10 or 15 mins of waiting for her to come back I decided I wasnt going to wait any longer and took the check to the hostest desk. The gal there wouldnt ring up my bill, insisting that our waitress needed to ring it up. She proceeded to yell for her like twenty times across the restaurant . Finally our waitress came over and completed to process my card. We ended up leaving a night earlier than planned. Thank you very, very much for ruining our trip to make is dream come true. Not only will I never come back, but I will be giving your casino and hotel a 1 out 10 stars.