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Restaurant @ Harvey's Lake Tahoe
Service was great, totally on point, everything you would expect from a $500 bill for 6 people. For "fine dining" standards, the food was a disaster. Red lobster, Applebees, and Chilies present, prepare, and give a far better food experience than we received. To start, we ordered multiple quail and pork belly specials ($20). We were told the quail appetizer was a "5 bite" course, it was one. The portion of the quail served was the leg, not the leg and thigh, the leg. A leg if quail is 97% bone, similar to eating the wing tip of a chicken, which is often discarded, because it's pointless to eat; the pork belly and sauce were prepared well, however, not worth price. For the mains, three people in our party ordered the surf and turf, priced near $80 a plate. The meal came out on a platter near two feet in diameter, and had one single, boiled, flavorless shrimp, one overcooked scallop, half of a lobster tail, steamed, flavorless, and unseasoned, and around a 4 oz portion of steak, prepared as ordered. My point is, they gave us each a giant platter, with little food, and prepared as if an intern, with no culinary training, cooked it....for $80. One unfortunate party member ordered a side of asparagus ($10). The side came 15 minutes after our mains were brought. It was cold, limp, flavorless....a joke. To apologize for their mistake, they brought our table "complementary" house made cotton candy... What a effin joke! Cotton candy! LMFAO! We came to celebrate, and left wishing we went....well anywhere else. Don't bother wasting your money, put it all on black instead. To the restaurant, regulate your chefs/cooks, for "fine dining", they suck donkey di*k. I've been all over the world, ate some great sh*t, this was garbage. DON'T GO!