il Piatto il Piatto
Restaurant @ SKYCITY Darwin
Very disappointed and won't be coming back. We had a farewell dinner for one of our friends tonight. Table was booked for 15 @ 6pm. When we got to the venue we were ushered to two tables much to our disappointment. We asked if tables could be joined together or move the tables elsewhere as we booked as a group but staff said they're unable to do it as it is a very busy night for them. We were then asked if we requested one table??? I was was a group booking and we EXPECTED to be seated in 1 table. No mention in the email that we are going to be seated in 2 tables which would had been the descent thing to do. We could have cancelled and booked somewhere if we knew. We were expecting the venue to be packed but tables at the end near the toilet were empty the whole time we were there (2.5 hours). We ordered a small cake for our friend from one of the staff and were told it's going to be sorted which, created confusion to other staff. It seems that communication is not their strong point. My pork belly for entrée was below average, half of it was pure fat with the crackle on the tougher side. My prawn risotto was salty and was not interested with the desert after that. I didn't ask the others about their food because they were seated in the other table. I gave up twisting and turning trying to converse with them half way through dinner. We won't be recommending the place.3/10