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Restaurant @ Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort
They need better management by far! And employees that are all on the same page. Everyone had a completely different answer to the exact same question. The players services is a complete joke. Not even the managers in the players services have authority to do anything to accommodate the guest. They have to go though emails with people not even working in the casino. And better yet, the people they have to email, is on vacation for a week! Asked to use a phone at hotel check in, the 2 employees there said they weren't allowed to do so that I had to take an elevator to the 3rd floor hotel and use the one in the hall indent of the hotel gym. Not A SINGLE PERSON, IN 4 HOURS came around to see if I wanted anything to drink. I had to find an employee, 4 hours in to my visit there and asked if they had self service fountain machines for guests as all the other casinos on the Gulf Coast does, and was told I had to walk all the way in the back to the bar, just for a diet coke. I understand it's a new establishment, and like most, will have its kinks to work out, but this was the second visit, a month after I visited Grand Opening night, and it was far worse. Won't be visiting again. And if I do, it won't be for a very long time,