Food Truck Arena Food Truck Arena
Restaurant @ Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort
We used Valet because parking is almost non-existent. We were at Valet to pick up our car at 7:45, other people came and went, at 8:10 I walked back in and asked if there was a problem. The guy looks at the board and says, we don't have anything on the board so it should be here soon. 14 cars were brought threw, people left within 5 minutes of arriving at Valet. 8:20 I go back inside and asked if they lost my keys or lost my truck. When I got back outside a Valet guy comes out and goes after my truck finally at 8:25 they bring my truck. I immediately called the Casino. I was a mile from home when I finally got a person on the phone, of course there were no managers in that I could speak to, they will call you back was the message I got from Brittany. Thus far it I have not received a call. Very unsatisfied with the service from a company that is in the hospitality industry!