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Restaurant @ Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort
I reviewed this casino on another site just days after it opened and I had hoped that when I took the time to rate it again, things might have changed. Unfortunately, it's gotten worse. We have yet to enjoy our "eat for free" buffet after trying 5 times. First time, we were too late - the listing on the internet was in error having listed the closing time one hour later than the actual closing time. Second time - computer was not recognizing our account and we got tired of waiting for it to correct itself. Third time, we made the points late at night and returned the next day for lunch after being assured by plaryer services that we would be comped lunch - denied due to "failure to verify play by midnight on the kiosk. They list a certain amount discount on cash purchases based on your tier level. Three times I made cash purchases and all three time the cashier looked at me like I had three heads when I mentioned the discount. One cashier called her manager and I was told "we don't do that any more". There was a sign actually on the cash register saying discount only on cash purchases as opposed to comps. Their publications list a casino host as part of the comps at my level. After three phone calls, and almost two months, I am yet to hear from a host. We finally used our points to "buy" a buffet. What a waste of time. I think we were in there all of 10 minutes. Felt like we were in a high school lunch room. Overall, still doing very poorly. I have not been back in several weeks and unless something changes, I won't.